EvE by Rob Bozzoli, 1 May 2018, Santa Cruz CA
EvE - vibraphones, vocals, artwork
¶ by Rob Bozzoli, 1 May 2018, Santa Cruz CA
Paragraph "¶" Taylor - guitars, vocals, acrobatics

Photo Credits: Halfway Serious


Experimental industrial duo ManifestiV consist of ¶ Taylor's oversized baritone guitar versus EvE's self-made electronic vibraphone. Before forming the band in Vallejo CA just north of San Francisco in January 2014, the two had met in 2011 while attending mortuary school in Dallas. Studying to become an embalmer & medical examiner respectively, their chemistry exceeded enough to co-operate a funeral home together. With bodies built to perpetually tour the world for scores before opting to retire into the funeral business too early in life, ¶ & EvE reverted to combining their life-long passions of music & art with a concise goal in mind: manifest the purest experiences their art could facilitate while influencing others to function more honestly, healthfully & inspirationally.

This ManifestiV approach first took a momentum of its own when ¶ brought the bones of what would become debut Einer Sie Gern to EvE for listening inspiration to kickstart her next gallery, which eventually became the album's artwork. "After spending 15 years in bands in Texas, I wanted to make a different type of band to keep the universal relativity of these songs very close to my heart non-cliché & intriguing. Little did I know for the years I'd already known her, EvE had mastered a closet instrument [the vibraphone] she'd never bust out at my previous bands' practices. Made sense why, once she told me what it was," ¶ reminisces. Not having a vibraphone, EvE compressed her pre-mortuary engineering gumption from her US Naval work on F-18 jets to a simpler more connective purpose: building a custom electric vibraphone. No microphones, resonators, dampeners or motors the instrument usually includes: only pickups that electrically enable its sounds to be as adaptable as a guitars or synthesizers.

Once fully constructed & dubbed "Silba" after the aluminum keys which survived a trailer crash on their previous marching band vibraphone, the ManifestiV show debuted at an industry-exclusive SXSW 2014 showcase in Austin. The crowd consisted of mostly press, and for their cover of "Red Water" by Type O Negative, EvE used the vibraphone as a table to make organic sandwiches for the audience. The next month, upon returning to California to hash out the record, the band graced the legendary Viper Room stage in Hollywood before focusing on the industrial scene of the San Francisco Bay Area. After playing out all year in the midst of recording, Einer Sie Gern released on 12/13/14 live at Slim's in San Francisco & online worldwide.

With videos for "I Can't See You", "Rid of Me" and "Stranger" resulting from collaborations with Dallas-based indie film production house Little Spark Films, Einer Sie Gern narrates a story of heart-break from individual & group bonds resulting in greater inner-strength & protection. After its release, ManifestiV begun 2015 with a couple months in Southeast Asia perusing Thailand & Cambodia while promoting the record's release by preparing to tour North America perpetually for the year's remainder starting with MarchifestiV. While on their 2nd 2015 outing on its summer's Glacier Tour which redefined how life & tour can co-mingle by spending a week in each destination, the band drew concepts & direction for their debut's follow-up while spreading the message of the power of human unity through music & art.

The duo devoted 2016 to beginning their second record back in Dallas before their Pacifica Tour took them to the Pacific Northwest, back through Yellowstone, and to their debut at Burning Man before returning to Dallas to finish writing. After spending Election Day flying thru China to Thailand to mourn the loss of their King Rama IX while traveling the country & laying ground work for the final writing stages in hotels across the countryside, ManifestiV returned to the states with close to 50 songs ready to comb thru for album two. 2017 saw its titling in Central America and recording in Northern California just before multiple appearances at that year's Burn. ManifestiV embarks on world OctouR 2018 preceding their 2nd release.

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"¶ Taylor let loose... darting about the stage, thrashing around to the heavier parts of the tracks and even taking a mighty leap into the air at one point, all while shredding on his guitar.[ManifestiV] have a strong industrial quality about their music, which often leaned towards more rock tendencies; though there were some nice slower, even melodic jams mixed in. The more experimental side of things came from EvE, who played the vibraphone, which added a great touch to the songs; her luminous eyes visible from even far away, as they looked as if they were piercing through everyone watching."
Jordan Buford - The Music Enthusiast (Dallas TX)

"...the pair have made an album which is both hard-hitting and addictive... powerful and anarchic but also blends in enough pop sensibility to make them appealing... wanders effortlessly over an industrial ambient soundscape which lends itself as much to originality as it does to bravado."
Paul Scott-Bates - Louder Than War (Manchester UK)

"ManifestiV undoubtedly feeds off each other’s artistic talents. What caught my attention were the subtle movements EvE does in between and during her harmonies, using her instrument as a canvas for so much more than a soundscape. To her left in sync, Taylor magnetizes the set with his body, vocals, and piercing guitar."
Jessica Navarro - Rooftop Playlist (Austin TX)

"This is what music is gonna be in a post-apocalyptic world... I would call it experimental, but I would say these guys don't act like they're experimenting with anything. They've got it down to a science."
Matthew Blake - Whiskey Boy Radio (Dallas TX)

"If a heart can be naked and survive, this is the sound it would make."
TJ Walkup - Omnific Pictures (Vallejo CA)