ManifestiV formed in Vallejo CA in dawn of 2014, featuring mortician-met musicians ¶ Paragraph Taylor on guitars & Lillith Taylor on vibraphone, harmonizing over their experimental industrial beats while utilizing more organic tones than the usual mechanical timbre in heavy music played over synths & loops.

Paragraph's psychedelic down-tuned guitars color tribal bit-crushed break-beats in tandem with Lillith's hand-made electronic vibraphone, all underneath an ocean of the duo's haunting vocal harmonies. Longtime mixer Ryan A joined in 2019 as drummer, the same year Kevin (Secret Of Boris member also with ¬∂para; & Ryan A) joined on bass officially, just in time to open for My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult in Dallas. A slot with Front Line Assembly & Ministry got pandemic-postponed in late 2021, but not before the band began recording, again for Kevin, ¶ & Ryan A's 2nd time since the last time 20 years ago, with innovatively groundbreaking, dark, dense, tense & emotionally heavy electronic artist Lcn1.

ManifestiV songs gain influence from Nine Inch Nails to Alice in Chains delivered in styles ranging from Lorn to Boards of Canada.

Lillith Art

Lillith Art